Technology Simplifies Diagnosis for Challenging Patients


August 29, 2006

GE EXCITE systems feature HDMR (High Definition MR) technology that lets the physician easily diagnose challenging patients. The system combines HD technology with HD applications to deliver the resolution for more definitive diagnosis, the speed to image living processes and alternative scanning techniques to image without artifacts.

Cardiac patients who can't hold their breath or patients with poor peripheral circulation due to diabetes can be imaged successfully. HD MR Echo produces high-definition cardiac images in real time (~65msec temporal resolution per image) without the need for ECG gating or breath-holding. HD TRICKS allows the physician to concentrate on resolution and detail as well as simplify angiography.

The HD coil interface ensures a secure coil connection and automatically identifies the coil for the system. HD Gating delivers precise ECG triggering with a 99 percent success rate. The HD Scan Interface streamlines scanning to a couple of clicks and the ProtoCopy protocol sharing tool automatically extracts the actual protocol from an MR image and downloads it to the scanner.