Telzuit Successfully Runs Holter Software on Windows Devices


April 18, 2007

April 18, 2007 — Telzuit Medical Technologies Inc., Orlando, FL, has announced it has been successful in running its STATPATCH Holter Monitor software on various Windows-Mobile devices. The company is now testing these devices with the "STATPATCH" on human test subjects to ensure that it works for a 24-hour period and receives the data from the patch correctly and consistently.

Telzuit, utilizing its outsource computer consultants, CyberTV, is in the final stages of development of its Windows XP laptop version which will be utilized in the nursing home, home health care and emergency medical environment.

Highlights of the company’s developments include:

• Successful migration to Windows Mobile 5.0
• Palm Treo issues resolved
• Windows XP laptop version in final stages of development
• FTP of Palm O/S devices to the Telzuit server is working
• Human testing of all versions is ongoing

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