Terumo Announces U.S. Distribution Agreement For Nonin Equanox 7600 Regional Oximetry System

Terumo CVS will distribute Nonin's Equanox Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System to U.S. adult and pediatric cardiovascular hospitals


April 8, 2013
Nonin Equanox Model 7600

April 8, 2013 — Terumo Cardiovascular Systems announced it has entered into a multi-year distribution agreement with Nonin Medical Inc. Beginning May 1, 2013, Terumo CVS will distribute Nonin's Equanox Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System to adult and pediatric cardiovascular hospitals in the U.S. Nonin's direct sales force will focus on certain non-cardiovascular applications in those hospitals and applications in all other U.S. hospitals. Terumo CVS manufactures and markets medical devices for the global cardiac surgery market.

The Nonin Equanox Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System is a noninvasive medical monitoring system that continuously detects oxygen saturation status in the brain and tissue beneath the sensor during surgical procedures and in intensive care environments such as pediatric and neonatal intensive care units. The system allows anesthesiologists, perfusionists, cardiovascular surgeons and other clinicians to quickly react to reverse tissue ischemia events before they become critical. 

"Unlike other regional oximetry systems that may only indicate whether oxygen levels are increasing or decreasing, Equanox system's patented technology provides real-time absolute accuracy of actual physiologic conditions on neonatal to adult patients, regardless of age, weight or skin color,” said Eric Sklar, vice president of business development for Terumo CVS.

About 500,000 cardiovascular surgical procedures are performed annually in the U.S. Regional oximetry-monitored procedures typically allow for early indication of oxygen desaturation that could lead to stroke, neurocognitive decline and other neurological or major organ injuries resulting from inadequate oxygen saturation. Regional oximetry solutions have been shown to reduce the cost of post-operative care and improve patient outcomes.

Features of the Equanox Advance Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System include:

  • Cerebral and Somatic Monitoring – Up to four channels displayed on one screen for monitoring oxygen saturation in the brain and somatic sites on the body.
  • Patented Dual-Light Emitters and Dual Detectors With Four Wavelength Accuracy  The first and only device that utilizes a dual-light emitting and dual-detecting sensor architecture, which has been shown to more effectively target the cerebral cortex, eliminating surface artifacts that interfere with measurement accuracy.
  • Absolute Accuracy – Assures accurate measure of tissue saturation at a point in time, not just relative or trending accuracy of changes.
  • Consistency and Reliability – Rapid, reliable response to change without signal instability and interruptions from electrical and ambient light interference.
  • Portability and Connectivity – Lightweight, durable monitor with long battery life and pole-mounting capability for continually monitoring patients during intra-hospital transport. Data output available via Bluetooth wireless technology or RS232 connection.

For more information: www.noninequanox.com, www.terumo-cvs.com