Thorne Research, WellnessFX, Itamar Enter 3-Year Agreement for EndoPAT


February 3, 2014
Thorne Research Itamar Medical EndoPAT WatchPAT Cardiac Diagnostics
February 3, 2014 — Thorne Research Inc. and Itamar Medical Inc. entered into a three-year non-exclusive agreement to co-market Itamar's EndoPAT and WatchPat. EndoPat is a device to assess arterial (endothelial) function, and WatchPAT is a home-based sleep test to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have cleared both.
Under the agreement, Thorne Research will receive marketing rights for the EndoPAT and WatchPAT devices and related disposables (finger probes) in the United States. Thorne Research will incorporate EndoPAT and WatchPAT training materials into its training events for healthcare practitioners.
The Hypertension Institute, Thorne Research and Itamar collaborate to provide cardiovascular research services and clinical evaluation to practitioners for the early identification of cardiovascular issues that will direct optimal support and related therapies.
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