Toshiba Introduces New EP Package

Infinix-i cardiovascular X-ray system optimizes procedures to improve patient care


May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013 — Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. offers electrophysiology (EP) clinicians an Infinix-i cardiovascular X-ray system tailored for EP procedures with a new package of features, accessories and technologies. This package maximizes room utilization, improves workflow and enhances safety.

  • System Design: Infinix-i’s C-arm movement provides complete patient coverage while creating an access halo (180 degrees of unobstructed head-end access) around the head end of the table, resulting in significantly more room for the clinical team and additional equipment.
  • Safer Exams: Exclusive Spot Fluoroscopy technology optimizes the administration of radiation dose by enabling a custom sized “spot” of live fluoroscopy overlaid with the Last Image Hold (LIH) to expand visualization while better managing radiation exposure. Patented Super Noise Reduction Filter (SNRF) technology provides superior fluoroscopic image quality with fewer X-rays, reducing overall exposure to both the patient and staff.
  • Tableside Accessory Rails: Adds sliding (length-extending) tableside accessory rails to expand or retract the rail length to attach common accessories.
  • Ceiling-Mounted Equipment Boom: Optimizes placement and organization of critical equipment off the floor to improve room organization and increase staff efficiency.
  • Surgical Lamp: Provides efficient luminance for implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) and pacemaker insertions and is installed on an extended ceiling arm to reach both sides of the patient.


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