Toshiba's Aquilion ONE Images Entire Organ in One Rotation


February 21, 2008

Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc.'s dynamic volume computed tomography (CT) system, the Aquilion ONE, is an advanced diagnostic imaging system that can image an entire organ in a single rotation or over multiple rotations, showing real-time dynamic movement.

Additionally, multiphase studies, such as perfusion of the brain, heart and other organs, are possible with the Aquilion ONE. With this system, it is possible to image an entire organ in a single rotation, for the first time, ensuring greater accuracy and diagnostic confidence and covering up to 16 centimeters of anatomy using 320 ultra high resolution 0.5-millimeter detector elements. Physicians using the Aquilion ONE can see not only a three-dimensional depiction of an organ, but also how the organ and blood flow are dynamically functioning or moving within and around the organ.

The Aquilion ONE can reportedly perform uniquely comprehensive exams, including functional studies, that can reduce overall healthcare costs by replacing the need for multiple tests and invasive material and radiation dose. The scanner shows not only whole organ anatomy, but also the changes in the entire organ over time.