TriReme Receives Japanese Approval to Market Glider PTCA Catheter


April 26, 2013
TriReme Medical Inc. Century Medical Inc. Shonin Approval Glider PTCA catheter

April 26, 2013 — TriReme Medical Inc. and its affiliates (TriReme) announced that its Japanese partner, Century Medical Inc. (CMI), has received Shonin approval for the Glider PTCA balloon catheter indicated for treating the stenotic portion of coronary arteries or bypass grafts to improve myocardial perfusion. Combining a skived tip and a braided shaft, Glider is the world's only torqueable PTCA catheter and is designed to assist physicians in treating the most challenging cases such as bifurcations and highly stenosed lesions.

"We are proud to receive this regulatory approval for our highly differentiated Glider PTCA catheter," stated Eitan Konstantino Ph.D., CEO and president of TriReme. "We are looking forward to working closely with our partner, CMI. This milestone represents yet another concrete step in our strategic focus on the important Asian markets."

"Japanese cardiologists are well known for treating the most complex vascular disease," explained Akira Hoshino, president and CEO of CMI. "With its unique technology, Glider is designed to cross through tight lesions and provide improved outcomes where other balloons are challenged. Glider represents the first product, with others to follow, in our strategic partnership that will allow us to bring TriReme's cutting edge and high quality devices to Japan."