Tufts Medical Center Chooses WaveMark RFID to Track Cardiology Products


June 23, 2009

June 23, 2009 - WaveMark Inc. announced today its clinical inventory management solution, WaveMark CIMS (clinical inventory management system), has been selected by Tufts Medical Center to manage the hospital’s high value, specialty inventory. Tufts will use WaveMark’s RTIM (real-time inventory management) technology to track physician preference items in its adult and pediatric cath, EP and interventional radiology departments.

WaveMark’s RFID-enabled inventory management solution, WaveMark CIMS, will track nearly 5,000 products, providing a new level of product visibility in these fast-paced specialty suites. Tufts has chosen WaveMark based on the accuracy of its technology and its proven success in optimizing inventory levels, improving patient safety and streamlining clinical workflow.

“Choosing WaveMark allowed us to address a number of challenges at Tufts. We needed to reduce inventory levels in all areas by at least 20 percent in order to reallocate those resources to other critical needs. In addition, we wanted to trim the operating budget and reduce write-offs without adversely impacting patient safety and clinical workflow,” said Steve Cashton, director, supply chain management at Tufts. “WaveMark will enable us to meet these goals and give us a strong return on investment. By taking advantage of WaveMark CIMS solution we are able to achieve our financial, operational and clinical objectives with a single system.”

WaveMark CIMS uses RFID cabinets and point of service readers to collect information that enables real-time inventory management. The use of RFID in the process ensures accuracy and timeliness of information captured, with no time consuming manual processes required. This streamlined workflow enables clinicians to spend more time on patient care and less time manually tracking inventory and product usage. With WaveMark CIMS, hospitals achieve optimized inventory levels, better management of product expirations and recalls and improved charge capture.

For more information: www.wavemark.net