User Interface Provides Clinical Studies at Touch of Button


June 29, 2006

The Intera Achieva CV is a cardiac MR system dedicated to cardiovascular care. A ScanForum Vequion-compliant user interface featuring ExamCards provides entire clinical studies that are selectable at a single touch.

NetForum Web-enabled capabilities allow remote assistance and electronic exchanges of scan protocols and images. Users gain support in the fast developing science of cardiac MR via the Philips Cardiac MR Network.

New features include the PhysioTrak integrated patient handling and monitoring system, which enables fast patient setup, continuous patient monitoring and fast evacuation if needed. The Coronary Artery Imaging package utilizes the ExamCard feature to provide clinicians with 2-D and 3-D full heart volume imaging in a simple, single-touch procedure for routine clinical use.

MotionTrak Plus motion correction algorithm allows high-quality, high-resolution imaging of the coronary arteries, and Vector Cardiogram (VCG) enables near 100 percent triggering and gating accuracy for cardiac patients, even patients with severely disturbed ECG patterns. Real-time interactive imaging slashes planning time by enabling on-the-fly adjustment of scan geometry and contrast.