Vascular Solutions Distributes Ultra-Low Profile Snare


May 27, 2008

Vascular Solutions is partnering with Radius Medical Technologies to distribute in the U.S. the new MICRO Elite Snare, a device designed for the retrieval and manipulation of foreign bodies located in the coronary and peripheral cardiovascular system and the extra-cranial neurovascular anatomy.

The MICRO Elite Snare is reportedly the only available snare that can be deployed through a 0.014-inch lumen, making it deliverable through conventional microcatheters and balloon catheters. Even with its ultra-low profile, the MICRO Elite Snare features a robust cobalt chromium helical loop design for optimal retrieval and manipulation. The loop is encapsulated in a platinum coil to enhance visualization under fluoroscopy. The cobalt chromium loop is highly flexible and torqueable for atraumatic delivery.

Vascular Solutions acquired the product from Radius Medical in 2010.