Vascular Solutions Stops Sales of R-Band Radial Hemostasis Device Pending Terumo Litigation

Court enters order under which Vascular Solutions will cease manufacture, sales and distribution of R-Band


May 28, 2013
Terumo's TR Band Radial Compression Device

May 28, 2013 — The U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey approved an agreement under which Vascular Solutions Inc. will cease further manufacture, sales and distribution of its R-Band Radial Hemostasis Device, pending litigation of Terumo Medical's patent infringement claims.

In February 2013, Terumo filed a patent infringement lawsuit alleging that the R-Band Radial Hemostasis Device infringes on U.S. patent and trademark rights held by Terumo Medical Corp. for its proprietary TR Band Radial Compression Device. The R-Band is distributed in the United States by Vascular Solutions and manufactured by Lepu Medical Technology. Terumo sought an injunction against further sales of the infringing product.

Terumo's TR Band Radial Compression Device is used to achieve patent hemostasis immediately following a transradial access diagnostic and intervention in the treatment of cardiac and vascular disease. The clear band is placed around the patient's wrist to effectively stop access-point bleeding. The TR Band features dual compression balloons that maintain precise pressure on the radial artery to ensure blood return without compromising local nerve structure. Transradial access interventions have been shown to significantly reduce bleeding complications by up to 75 percent when compared to femoral interventions.

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