Volcano Announces Full Release of Touchpad Controller


May 9, 2007

In an effort to continue the successful launch of the s5i integrated IVUS system in the US and Europe, Volcano has announced full market release of the s5i Touchpad controller. This small but fully functional bedside touchpad allows physicians control of the Volcano IVUS system directly from the sterile field.

In an effort to make integrated IVUS more accessible as part of state-of-the-art imaging labs, Volcano and GE have implemented the Innova IVUS pre-cabling initiative, whereby all newly built GE Innova cath labs in the US will be equipped with the necessary cabling to support Innova IVUS integration, should the hospital wish to purchase Innova IVUS from GE. This proactive placement strategy by GE will ensure that future Innova IVUS integration will be fast, simple and meet the customized user requirements as defined by the hospital.