Volcano Corp. Launches PrimeWirePressure Guide Wires


October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008 - At TCT 2008, Volcano Corp. launched its new PrimeWire Pressure Guide Wire, and the s5-FFR Option for its existing installed base of s5 and s5i imaging consoles in the U.S.

The PrimeWire is reportedly capable of measuring pressure gradients across a lesion to determine the ischemic nature of the stenosis, and can also help determine the extent to which the blockage is flow limiting. The s5-FFR Option is now available for existing s5 and s5i consoles currently installed throughout the U.S. and Europe to enable these IVUS consoles with FFR (fractional flow reserve) technology.

For more information: www.volcanocorp.com