Web-Enabled ECG Data Management Solution Supports Multiple Vendors, Devices


August 21, 2008

August 21, 2008 - CardioECG 3.2, introduced by LUMEDX Corp. and Epiphany Cardiography Products, is a multimodality, multivendor, pure-Web software for cardiac rhythm data management.

By delivering clinical data from over 60 different devices and over 30 vendors across 10 different modalities such as cardiograph, Holter, stress, patient monitoring, PFT, and defibrillator, CardioECG is said to streamline data management, support best-of-breed clinical environments and significantly reduce total cost of ownership.

Part of LUMEDX's suite of integrated cardiovascular imaging and information management tools, CardioECG reportedly:

- Eliminates expenses associated with regular, costly hardware and software upgrades and sun-setting of older systems

- Offers pure Web access -- edit, review, confirm and print diagnostic-quality ECGs from any network-connected PC in the hospital, office, home or even via iPhone

- Enables robust multisite communications and support without the high costs related to proprietary systems

- Works on a hospital's infrastructure and requires no proprietary hardware while reducing total cost of ownership

- Helps hospitals leverage existing and future investments in devices and systems, promoting best-of-breed environments

- Supports up to 250 simultaneous users

- Creates one final record and includes management reports

To request a free CardioECG Information Kit, visit www.lumedx.com/goECG.

For more information: www.lumedx.com