Webinar: How Heart-Healthy is Your Cardiology IT System?

Sponsored by GE Healthcare


January 27, 2014
Centricity Cardio Enterprise, Cardiac PACS, Cardio PACS, CVIS
This webinar demonstrates the Centricity Cardio Enterprise Solution (CCE), a solution that can help cardiology departments and hospital administrators to enhance the health of their organizations with improve physicians access, increase productivity and enhanced patient care.
This webinar aired live Feb. 25, 2014. To view the archived version, register for this webinar.
Don Woodlock, senior vice president and general manager cardiovascular IT, and Omar Sunna, global product manager, cardiovascular IT, from GE Healthcare will discuss the technology behind our Centricity Cardio Enterprise solution — a Web-based enterprise cardiovascular IT solution with unified imaging, workflow, analytics and reporting. 

Also, view a live demonstration from Barbara Hunter, solutions specialist cardiovascular IT, GE Healthcare, and learn how Centricity Cardio Enterprise empowers cardiologists to enhance patient care through full clinical access from virtually anywhere and helps improve productivity.
This webinar is sponsored by GE Healthcare.