Windows-Compatible ECG Monitoring System to be Released


December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010 – A Windows 7-compatible version of an ECG management software system will be available in the second quarter of 2011. The Global ECG Management Software (GEMS 4.0) software, by CardioComm Solutions, will encompass the full line of arrhythmia monitoring modules.

It will also have multiple report-sending options, along with easy-to-use, customizable workflow features.

“This means physicians, medical monitoring services and hospitals can easily install GEMS on their updated computers and track and store comprehensive ECGs and patient information, including enrollments, symptoms, followups and more,” said Etienne Grima, CEO of CardioComm. “Additionally, we’ll be distributing the new GEMSTrak Event Loop Recorders that meet the new GEMS standard, and customers with old recorders that are still operational (any brand) may send them in for a rebate on the same number of GEMSTrak ELRs. The GEMSTrak ELRs are FDA-, CE- and Health Canada-approved devices.”

The availability of the customizable workflow options means customers can design their own, simplified workflows. Technicians may set up the most efficient and easy-to-use ECG processes to guide users through a specific set of predetermined steps.

Customers who already have a valid GEMS service and support agreement will be able to receive a free software upgrade. A beta version is available now for demonstration purposes.

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