Wireless Monitoring for ICD Patients Goes Global


April 3, 2009

April 3, 2009 - BIOTRONIK GmbH & Co Kg this week announced the global launch of BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring with its intelligent traffic light system, designed to provide efficient and convenient remote monitoring of patients with implantable cardiac devices (ICDs).

The new BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system is based on more than eight years of experience in remote monitoring technology and extensive research among both physicians and patients. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring is available across the entire product portfolio of pacemakers, ICDs and cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices allowing physicians to remotely monitor their patients’ clinical and device status at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Using an intuitive, red-yellow-coded traffic light concept, BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring is designed to quickly and easily identify patients with the most clinically relevant events to streamline clinic workflow; ensuring efficient use of clinic time by reducing unnecessary in-office follow-ups and improving patient care. Daily along with trend patient and device information is automatically evaluated and prioritized through the traffic light system and presented in the CardioReport, which resides on the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring secure Web site, enabling physicians to quickly review the most important information at a glance.

“BIOTRONIK has set a milestone with the launch of its new Home Monitoring system: an advanced, evidence-based remote monitoring technology, with early detection of arrhythmias and other clinically relevant events, delivering simplified yet safe and efficient patient care.” said Professor Pedro Brugada, M.D., head, heart rhythm management institute, cardiology department, Free University of Brussels, Belgium.

In cases of important status changes, BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring generates an alert notification via email, SMS or fax to the physician. The CardioMessenger, patient device gives patients freedom to be completely mobile while wirelessly transmitting important clinical and device status information to the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring secure Web site for physician evaluation.

“TRUST demonstrates that BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring significantly reduces the need for hospital visits by almost a half, and at the same time, ensures follow-up surveillance and enables prompt medical evaluation of critical cardiac events. This automatic remote device monitoring system offers an opportunity to improve patient care”, said Niraj Varma, M.D., cardiac pacing and electrophysiology, department of cardiovascular medicine, Cleveland Clinic and TRUST (Lumax-T/Lumos-T safely RedUceS rouTine office device follow-up), trial principal investigator.

For more information: www.biotronik.com