Wireless, Real-Time ECG Aids Diagnostic Decisions


March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010 – A new multiparameter ambulatory monitoring solution that transmits electrocardiogram (ECG) and other clinical modalities via cellular network, enables real-time data analysis for more expedient triaging of critical patients. ScottCare Corp. just launched TeleSentry, the latest innovation to its CardioView Dx suite of cardiovascular diagnostic solutions.

TeleSentry is a single device that allows clinicians to effectively manage large volumes of patient data. The platform helps clinicians efficiently process and refine data, providing the insight cardiologists need to make sound diagnostic decisions.

Advancements in arrhythmia monitoring technology are greatly enhancing the quality of patient data. The transmission of ECG and other physiological data via cellular network reduces the likelihood of human error, and unlike acoustic arrhythmia transmissions, is completely noise free. Productivity is also improved, as technicians no longer need to guide patients through a manual data transfer process.

The device also auto-triggers and auto-transmits on bradycardia, tachycardia, pause and atrial fibrillation, without relying on patient intervention. The advanced atrial fibrillation algorithm in TeleSentry combines several identification methods of recognition to minimize false positives, achieving unmatched results in a real patient population. The system can also monitor three, five or true 12 lead ECG.

The software provides tools to determine if early intervention is needed. The ECG can be displayed for any active patient in just a few clicks. A clinician can run a query on almost any criteria to gain insight into the activities surrounding an arrhythmia event. Event parameters can also be configured remotely to ensure only the most relevant data for each patient is captured. Extended patient data of up to 30 days can be analyzed with seamless integration into ScottCare’s Holter analysis system.

For more information: www.scottcare.com