Workflow Enhancements to CT System Cuts Scanning and Data Analysis Time


November 16, 2006

Satisfying the growing demand for tools that optimize data acquisition and transfer, Aquilion 64 CFX’s new workflow enhancements include a new CT software release, which speeds scanning and data analysis.

The automated PhaseXact software automatically determines the best phase for image reconstruction, eliminating the need for additional computations and reducing processing time. Detection and characterization of mixed plaque require the Aquilion 64 CFX’s low contrast resolution. Now with the SUREPlaque software application, clinicians can visualize, characterize and quantify plaque that is likely to cause acute coronary events.

The system’s Quantum 64 multi-row detector design provides high-speed, high-resolution imaging with low noise. The detector enables the Aquilion CT scanner to acquire 64 simultaneous image slices through a 64-row data acquisition system (DAS) at a 400-millisecond gantry revolution.