Ziehm Sold 1,000 Solo Mobile C-Arms Systems Worldwide

The compact C-arm provides imaging in the operating room (OR) and aims to be flexible, space-saving cost-efficient


April 10, 2013

April 10, 2013 — One thousand days, 1,000 C-arms: this is the result three years after the introduction of the Ziehm Solo. As one of the most compact and flexible C-arms, the Ziehm Solo adjusts to the special demands and requirements of clinics. More and more users from orthopedics and trauma opt for Ziehm Imaging’s multi-talent for intraoperative imaging. The 1,000th Ziehm Solo will be delivered to the Clinica Santa Elena in Malaga, Spain.

“ORs in hospitals are becoming ever smaller, while more devices are being used inside them”, says Klaus Hörndler, managing director of Ziehm Imaging. “We designed the Ziehm Solo precisely with this in mind: With a space requirement of only 0.8 square meters, it offers clinics maximum flexibility with an attractive price-performance ratio. Selling one device every day is an impressive proof that we are fulfilling the exact needs of our users.”

All imaging, post-processing and archiving functions are integrated into the C-arm. The system also offers many configuration options. It adapts to the respective spatial conditions and application scenarios. With its viewing station, the C-arm offers an additional synchronized user-interface for flexible set-up; the transmission of the video signal to external monitors opens up additional areas of application while saving space in the OR.

The pulsed 2kW mono-block generator provides up to 25 images per second. The technology guarantees high picture resolution, which is shown in over 4,000 shades of gray.

For more information: www.ziehm.com