Zoll, Reflectance Medical Partner to Incorporate Mobile CareGuide Sensor Into Zoll Monitor/Defibrillators

New noninvasive sensor technology detects patients at onset of shock


April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013 —  Zoll Medical Corp. has entered into an agreement with Reflectance Medical Inc. to develop and market a ruggedized version of the Mobile CareGuide sensor for detecting the onset of shock in patients during air and ground military and EMS patient transports, as well as hospitalizations.

Reflectance Medical’s CareGuide sensor continuously and noninvasively monitors tissue metabolism and can be used to determine when a patient has undetected internal bleeding and may be in danger of going into shock.

Rapid treatment of traumatic injuries and shock has been shown to help save lives and reduce complications. By incorporating these new clinical parameters, Zoll’s patient monitor/defibrillators will provide more than just standard vital signs monitoring. Having early indicators of blood volume loss and impending circulatory failure in the Zoll monitor/defibrillators will ensure rapid treatment is given to the patients who need it the most.

The technology measures muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) to determine the adequacy of tissue perfusion. Mobile CareGuide can also measure muscle pH, an indication of acidosis as well as blood hematocrit, another key parameter to assess patient status.

The goal of resuscitation from shock is to reverse acidosis and restore adequate blood flow and oxygen to all organs. Mobile CareGuide uses near-infrared light and patented algorithms to noninvasively analyze and report the blood chemistry of muscle tissue, which is the last organ to recover from traumatic injury and shock.

For more information: www.reflectancemedical.com, www.zoll.com