Nomination form for Most Innovative Heart Centers

DAIC is seeking readers’ nominations for the most innovative cardiac departments and heart centers based on their use of cutting-edge technology. Key factors to be considered include how new technologies are being used to help improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, increase patient volume, or increase reimbursements/revenues. Technologies may include new devices or software related to cardiac imaging, diagnostics, interventional or hybrid OR procedures, and information technology integration. 


Centers chosen by our editors will be highlighted in the March/April issue of DAIC.


The deadline for submission is Jan. 25, 2013.


If you have any questions regarding this form, please call DAIC editor Dave Fornell at (847) 954-7962, or e-mail him at

Tell us about Yourself:

Who are you Nominating?

Focus on key areas or specific technologies that have made a significant impact. Do not just give an overview of dozens of new devices and pieces of software. If possible, quantify any outcome increases or decreases based on rounded numbers or percentages. Submissions must meet at least one of the criteria in questions 2-6 to be considered.

Please feel free to submit images of your facility and/or new technologies in use. Images should be 300 DPI and 4 x 5 inches in size or larger. Images must not exceed 3MB in file size.

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