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MiFlow VAD

WorldHeart's minimally invasive VAD, its MiFlow VAD, is aimed to provide partial and full long-term circulatory support in adult patients in both an earlier stage of heart failure (Class III) than currently used VADs as well as late-stage heart failure patients (Class IV).

Since Class III patients are less sick than Class IV heart failure patients, they do not need the level of support provided by devices such as the rotary Levacor VAD. Instead, they can be served by a long-term implantable device such as the MiFlow VAD, which is designed to provide up to 6 L/Min of flow.

As earlier stage heart failure patients have unique clinical needs, it is important that the MiFlow VAD have a high safety profile and have a low incidence of adverse events.

The MiFlow VAD is based on the PediaFlow VAD. Both devices utilize a miniaturized version of the magnetic levitation technology used in the Levacor VAD. Use of this MagLev technology is anticipated to provide the safety, durability and performance profile needed by the intended patient population.