Aspire System Successfully Restores Blood Flow


July 30, 2013
Aspire Thrombectomy Device Aspiration Medical

The Aspire aspirator is a hand-held mechanical aspiration system to remove blood clots and increase blood flow. It connects to any aspiration catheter and aspirates blood clots in blocked arteries and veins. Aspire systems allow clinicians to instantly start, stop, increase, decrease or pulse aspiration during a variety of procedures.

During the procedure in the cath lab, a small catheter is inserted into the patient's leg and is guided to the blocked vessel. Once a catheter is in the vein or artery, the cardiologist can diagnose the location and extent of the lesion. Treatment options vary depending on the age, size and location of the blood clot. Clinicians may follow blood clot aspiration with stent, bypass or other intervention.

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