3MP Monochrome LCD Monitors for Imaging Applications


November 16, 2006

RadiForce GS320 (standard model) and GX320 (high-end model) are 3MP monochrome LCD monitors for accurate diagnosis in medical imaging applications, including PACS, CR, CT, MRI and angiography. They have a 13-bit look-up table that produces a pallet of 8,161 grayscale tones from which 1,024 (10-bit) tones can be displayed simultaneously, ensuring highly refined rendering of even extremely subtle grayscale shadings.

Both models carry Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function, providing optimum backlight luminance uniformity for accurate diagnosis. GX320 carries a built-in swing sensor and LCD panel protector. The built-in swing sensor is completely hidden from the viewing area of the screen and is enabled and visible only when remote quality control operations are being performed, such as calibration. It performs simplified calibration procedures and shortens the time required for monitor quality control, thereby contributing to a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).