Abbott Offers Emboshield NAV6 Embolic Protection System


June 12, 2009

Abbott's sixth-generation Emboshield NAV6 Embolic Protection System is designed for use in carotid artery stenting procedures.

The Emboshield NAV6 improves deliverability and ease of use for physicians, the company said. Abbott's proprietary BareWire technology allows for wire movement independent of the Emboshield NAV6 filter, giving physicians an increased level of control during carotid stenting procedures.

Safety and efficacy endpoints for the Emboshield NAV6 were met in Abbott's PROTECT clinical trial, which was designed to examine carotid artery stenting with Abbott's Emboshield systems in patients at high-risk for carotid endarterectomy. In addition to demonstrating continued improvements in outcomes for carotid stent procedures, the PROTECT study data showed a low 1.8 percent composite rate of all stroke and death at 30 days in 220 patients. This rate is well within American Heart Association (AHA) 30-day all stroke and death rate guidelines for carotid endarterectomy of 6 percent for symptomatic and 3 percent for asymptomatic patients with carotid artery disease.

The devices was launched in the United States in June 2009.

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