ACC: Comprehensive Image Management from TeraRecon for Volumetric Imaging Data


March 23, 2007

The Aquarius product suite offers clinical workflow, advanced visualization and comprehensive image management solutions for volumetric imaging data to help manage the slice overload challenges faced by diagnostic imaging facilities.

The solution offers automated pre-processing, an advanced workstation for the power user, a streamlined reading tool for the diagnosing physician and direct review tools for the referring M.D. Aquarius complements today’s PACS systems, which are not generally well-equipped to hand volumetric imaging examinations and 64-slice CT data in particular.

Because there are no licensing fees for deployment of the thin-client application and it runs on any PC desktop, it can be applied to PACS diagnostic review stations, HIS, RIS and other informatics systems without the need for complex hardware upgrades or the need to move large 3-D datasets across existing networks.