AccessClosure Offers 5 French Vascular Closure Device


June 23, 2009

AccessClosure's Mynx M5 can be delivered directly through a small 5 Fr. cardiovascular sheath without enlarging the arterial hole or traumatizing the surrounding tissue in the process.

Designed with the patient in mind, the Mynx offers a new solution to help minimize the discomfort commonly associated with vascular closure due to its unique deployment method and novel sealant material, the company said. Previous closure devices have used metal or animal-based implants to seal the arterial hole left after a cardiovascular procedure. By contrast, the Mynx uses a soft, bio-absorbable polymer material. This sealant material, polyethylene glycol (PEG), has been used safely for more than a decade in a wide range of medical products such as gel caps and eye drops.

During the closure procedure, the sealant is placed gently over the arterial puncture area. The sponge-like sealant immediately expands three to four times its original size by rapidly absorbing blood around the puncture site, which immediately stops the bleeding and seals the artery. The sealant then dissolves naturally within 30 days, leaving nothing behind inside, or on top of, the artery.

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