Advanced Holter Offers Speed, Accuracy


February 12, 2008

The IQmark Holter is a 3-channel, Windows-based Holter program designed to give physicians more control over their Holter results.

As an extension of the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation, it works with the IQmark Digital RecorderCF.

The lightweight and compact system hosts an LCD screen that displays 3-channel real-time ECG during hookup, allowing the technician to verify the quality of the ECG signal without any additional equipment, said the company.

The IQmark Advanced Holter reportedly takes about a minute to download and analyze the results of a 24-hour recording. It also enables the user to control the parameters of the analysis, to edit results, select report functions via the mouse, as well as allowing instant access to all 24 hours of full disclosure, according to the company. Atrial Fibrillation is included and Pacemaker Analysis is available as an option.

The IQmark Diagnostic Workstation reportedly provides management of patient and test records acquired using the IQmark Advanced Holter, IQmark Digital ECG or IQmark Digital Spirometer locally, or on a network. In addition, the IQmark devices are integrated into many of the electronic medical record (EMR) systems on the market today, said the company.

Feb 2008