FlightPlan for Liver Makes Intricate Liver Embolization Procedures Simpler

FlightPlan for liver enables physicians to plan liver embolization with confidence


December 4, 2012
Flight Plan for Liver GE Healthcare RSNA 2012

The FlightPlan for Liver advanced imaging tool helps make intricate liver embolization procedures simpler. It has been commercially available in Europe, Latin America and Asia since 2011, with more than 30 installations in more than 10 countries.

GE Healthcare’s FlightPlan for Liver helps interventionalists plan their liver embolization procedures. The physician simply needs to select the tip of the catheter and a hypervascular tumor on a 3-D image, and let the software highlight the vessels traveling from the catheter to the lesion’s vicinity. The highlighted vessels can then be used as a 3-D roadmap with the Innova Vision application, and superimposed on the live fluoroscopic image to help the doctor guide the catheter into the target artery.

In three simple steps, the interventional radiologist can untangle the complex tumor vessels in the liver to immediately demonstrate which vessels feed the liver cancer and require catheter directed treatment. In effect, FlightPlan for Liver has the potential to extend the technique to more practitioners as it helps improve the confidence in performing this difficult procedure.

With FlightPlan for Liver, interventionalists can gain confidence in identifying tumor-feeding vessels and be more selective when planning liver embolization.

The tool received FDA approval in November 2012

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