Advanced Imaging Workflow Integrated into Enterprise


February 7, 2007

A new platform architecture for TeraRecon’s Aquarius suite of products, iNtuition is designed to deliver integration of advanced imaging workflow into the healthcare enterprise and features an improved and more powerful central rendering resource in the form of the VolumePro 2000, based on the company’s Aquarius product line and provides radiologists, technologists and referring physicians improved throughput and a customizable workflow.

With iNtuition, Aquarius becomes a simple-to-deploy and flexible solution designed to manage the “slice overload” problem in an enterprise. Its architecture will enable Aquarius to be configured as an advanced, procedural workstation for the 3-D technologist, a reading tool for the diagnosing physician and a review tool for the referring M.D.

The new platform includes automated pre-processing that can be programmed to automatically perform a variety of image processing steps, such as bone removal and detection of centerlines, among others.