Agfa Cardio PACS Enables Structured Reporting, Enterprise Access


October 16, 2009
IMPAX Cardiovascular

Agfa Healthcare's IMPAX Cardiovascular is designed to support heart and vascular diagnostics and documentation. Supporting good clinical practice in imaging and reporting, IMPAX Cardiovascular can help deliver enhanced heart and vascular diagnostics and documentation to help improve diagnostic and interventional workflow. Designed to enrich the physician experience with medical images, full fidelity final reports and graphs, and resting and stress ECG, IMPAX Cardiovascular delivers innovative features, including advanced image management functionalities, structured reporting, and secure enterprise-wide access to diagnostic data.

IMPAX Cardiovascular supports EHR compatible thin-client review and sign-off. With our newest offering, SCCT-compliant review and reporting for CTA, Agfa HealthCare helps to facilitate communication and improve productivity by making relevant, standardized information available throughout the enterprise.