IMPAX CV Web+ Provides Access to Clinical Images, Data Throughout the Enterprise

Robust cardiovascular suite provides access to clinical images and data throughout the enterprise


March 15, 2013
 IMPAX CV Web+ Agfa Healthcare Cardiac PACS ACC 2013

Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX CV Web+ transforms cardiovascular care delivery by providing physician access to cardiovascular images and reports regardless of location.

A single point of access to support efficient diagnostic workflow

Agfa HealthCare has developed the Impax Cardiovascular Suite to provide a single point of access to support efficient diagnostic workflow including secure access to patient information and the ability to create, edit and sign off on advanced structured clinical reports.

Impax CV Web+ connects to all of an integrated cardiovascular information system's studies and modalities including cardiac catheterization, adult and pediatric echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, cardiac computed tomography (CT)/CT angiography (CTA), nuclear cardiology and ECG data. The dynamic, standards-based, vendor-neutral technology provides full access to all necessary tool sets and measurements via the hospital network or Web for urgent patient care needs. IMPAX CV Web+ leverages either Citrix or VMware infrastructure to provide Impax CV customers with secure access to patient reports and images.

Built with cardiologists in mind

The advanced solution also has the potential to bring significant cost savings to hospitals while deploying full review functionality on-site. Instead of purchasing a workstation and associated hardware and software components, Impax CV Web+ can simply be deployed in the hospital (or elsewhere), bringing the benefits of a traditional workstation with lower expense.

Compatible with existing as well as future versions of Impax Cardiovascular, Impax CV Web+ is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2013.

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