AirStrip Becomes First mHealth Vendor in the Microsoft AppsForSurface Program

AirStrip ONE Cardiology to be available on the Microsoft Surface tablet and other Windows laptops, desktops and mobile devices


July 8, 2013
AirStrip ONE Microsoft AppsForSurface Program ECG Wireless Remote Access

AirStrip announced the first phase of its strategic participation in Microsoft’s AppsForSurface program. As part of the program, the company will launch and make available AirStrip ONE Cardiology not only on Windows 8.1-enabled mobile devices, but also on laptops and desktops.

AirStrip will give healthcare providers a seamless user experience regardless of whether they are using AirStrip solutions on their Windows-enabled mobile devices, a Surface tablet, a laptop, or a desktop. The look, feel and depth of user experience will remain consistent for clinicians, regardless of the device they use.

AirStrip is finalizing plans for expanded functionality for AirStrip ONE Cardiology that will support mobility throughout the entire cardiology care continuum. Portela indicated that a formal announcement detailing these added features will be released in the near future.

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