Airstrip Expands Platform to Provide Mobile Access to Electronic Health Records


June 18, 2012

AirStrip Technologies Inc. expanded its platform to deliver information currently housed in electronic health record (EHR) systems to clinicians using mobile devices. For the first time, within a single mobile solution, physicians have real-time access to medical device data such as ECG waveforms as well as all other current and historical patient information imperative to clinical decision-making but formerly locked away in difficult-to-access, often disparate records repositories.

By making patient information accessible by physicians when and where they need it, workflow and clinical decision-making can be strengthened, all while leveraging the investments that healthcare organizations have already made in their existing EHR systems.  

The expanded platform and application include the following key features: 

  • Vendor-independent, real-time access to patient information housed in multiple EHR systems such as Cerner Millennium and the Veterans Administration;
  • Consolidated patient summary to facilitate rapid on-the-go review of critical patient information;
  • Real-time access to clinical information including allergies, medications, laboratory results, medical images, clinical documentation, vital signs and more;
  • Cross-organizational view of patient information to facilitate integrated care coordination, providing support for emerging accountable care organizations and the medical home;
  • Clinical context messaging, video and voice integration that facilitates collaboration across a mobile care team; and
  • Mobilization of health information exchange transactions, such as the dynamic generation of continuity of care documents (CCD) from electronic patient record systems, and interoperability with NwHIN (Nationwide Health Information Network) DIRECT

Vendors typically attempt to mobilize patient information using desktop virtualization, a process with severe limitations. 

The AirStrip platform expansion was initially developed by Palomar Health, the largest healthcare district in California, under the name MIAA (Medical Information Anytime Anywhere).

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