Interventionalists Get High-Res Road Mapping Application


November 20, 2009

A new system that provides interactive road-mapping for interventional radiology, angiography, and vascular surgery, allows the physician to electronically draw or telestrate during live fluoro on the touch-screen monitor with a stylus. The telestration can then be used as a road-map to guide a catheter or perform an intervention during live, unsubtracted fluoro.

In addition to road-mapping, the system, TIMS Fluoro-TRACE, is designed for training and mentoring. With the live annotations, a trainee can position devices as marked by the instructor. Further, all road-mapping and annotations can be saved with the study in DICOM format so that a record of the procedure can be sent to any PACS system.

Foresight Imaging unveiled TIMS Fluoro-TRACE in November 2009.

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