Ankle Brachial Index System Helps Speed Throughput


February 8, 2010

The Vista AVS from Summit Doppler Systems Inc. is a full-featured ankle brachial index (ABI)/vascular system using different modalities for obtaining systolic pressures and waveforms. Either a bi-directional Doppler probe or pulse volume recording (PVR) can be used to obtain ankle waveforms required for reimbursement.

The Vista AVS comes with nine blood pressure cuffs. A graphic waveform display provides step-by-step instructions to guide clinicians through the exam. Automatic cuff inflation and deflation, along with automatic indices calculation, expedite the process of performing the exams. The Vista AVS was designed to accommodate both standard and custom protocols.

With the AVS Report software, exam results can be downloaded from to a personal computer. The software enables the clinician to annotate patient data, add interpretation and comments, store data and print a patient report. The PDF export function of the software allows for integration with electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

The system allows an ABI exam to be performed while the patient is sitting. The system also allows fast and easy segmental studies. Clinicians can customize the exam by selecting the number and location of cuff sites.

Obtaining pressures for the supine ABI, toe brachial index (TBI) exam and segmental exams can be performed using the arterial photoplethysmography (PPG) probe in addition to the bi-directional Doppler probe.

The Vista AVS was first released in 2007.