Femoral Access Device Requires Less Compression Following Procedures


May 18, 2011
The Axera Device enhances insertability into the femoral artery and overall procedural usage while continuing to deliver the clinical benefits of the implant-free arstaotomy procedure.

The device quickly creates a longer and shallower angle arteriotomy, the arstaotomy, resulting in significant tissue-upon-tissue overlap through the artery. Upon sheath removal at the end of the procedure, arterial pressure is decreased across this longer arstaotomy channel intended to provide an excellent environment for clot formation and rapid femoral artery hemostasis.

The procedure requires only minimal manual compression to provide secure closure with no foreign body implants, eliminating the risk of infections and thromboembolic events related to a vascular implant. The arstaotomy procedure promotes rapid hemostasis, resulting in excellent patient comfort with decreased bed rest and quicker ambulation.

For more information: www.arstasis.com.