AZE Highlights Virtual Place 3D Thin-Client Software


October 5, 2009

AZE Ltd., a provider of advanced visualization solutions, provides 3D thin-client software Virtual Place distribution and technical support in North America.

Based on AZE’s proprietary and patented technology, PRIZMA, the FDA-approved Virtual Place provides users with feature-rich package series; Raijin Plus, Fujin Plus, Plus, and Lexus64, for CT and MRI volumetric data set with quantitative analysis. The Virtual Place supports a wide range of clinical applications, including virtual colonoscopy, COPD analysis, and liver analysis, and strongly leads all-in-one MR/CT cardiac solution such as cardiac analysis (EF), coronary analysis, delayed enhancement, myocardial perfusion, and flow analysis.

AZE entered the U.S. market in 2009.