Barco's MDRC Displays Offer Smaller, Cheaper Option to Enterprise-Wide DICOM Displays


December 4, 2008

The Barco MDRC family of monitors are smaller than usual DICOM image displays and are designed as a budget-friendly visualization solution for a wide spectrum of applications throughout hospitals outside radiology.

The MDRC series comes in two variants: a 20-inch color screen with 2 MegaPixel resolution (MDRC-2120) and a 19-inch color version with 1 MegaPixel resolution (MDRC-1119). The latter can optionally be fitted with a touch screen interface. Both models are equipped with professional-quality LDCs that present medical images with higher contrast and a wider viewing angle than conventional LCD screens. An integrated DICOM part 14 Look-Up Table (10-bit) assures accurate grayscales and DICOM-out-of-the-box imaging, Barco said.

Barco fitted the displays with its Backlight Output Stabilization (BLOS) technology, which permanently stabilizes the luminance of the LCD backlight, leading to long-term image consistency. The display line is bundled with the MediCal QAWeb software for DICOM calibration and quality assurance. They also come with a power saving mode, which automatically switches off the display when not being used.