Baxa Offers MedBoard Medication Tracking System


April 9, 2008

Baxa Corp. launched the MedBoard Web-based medication tracking system in December 2007, designed to record pharmacy preparation and delivery activities.

One of the first wireless tracking systems, MedBoard helps health systems improve productivity through order prioritization and delivery assurance, reducing time spent fielding nursing calls and tracking order status. With its order monitoring, MedBoard reportedly reduces waste by identifying time-sensitive orders and ensuring on-time delivery. Built-in reports allow pharmacy managers to demonstrate performance by delivery times, order type, nursing unit and more.

The MedBoard Medication Tracking System (MTS) is said to help pharmacies manage workflows using barcode technology, improving their efficiency and patient safety, by providing tracking for doses that are not part of pharmacy ADCs. The system requires a Web browser and hand-held scanners to get started. Once the user-customizable features have been determined, developers configure the hand-held devices to include the facility's specific rules, lists and users. MedBoard employs technical, administrative and policy safeguards to ensure data security, and is HIPAA compliant.

December 2007