Bifurcated Stent Designed to Fit Patient Arterial Anatomy


August 27, 2008

Stentys, a French-based company, will feature its bifurcated stent at TCT 2008.

The patent-pending bifurcated stent is designed so that the stent-opening for the side branch can be created anywhere in the stent after it is implanted in the vessel, meaning the procedure’s success is independent from accurate positioning. The procedure is performed by implanting the stent in the main vessel with an approximate positioning, Then, the cardiologist chooses the optimal location for the side branch opening by inserting a balloon through the stent mesh. The balloon inflation disconnects the mesh and creates the opening as Stentlys’ self-expanding property allows the in situ modeling of the stent to fit the patient’s unique arterial anatomy.

The stent is currently undergoing clinical evaluations and has not been approved for sale in the U.S. or worldwide.