Biosense Webster CARTO 3 EP Navigation System Allows CT Fusion Imaging


October 15, 2009
The CARTO3 EP navigation system.

Biosense Webster's CARTO 3 System is an advanced 3D imaging technology for use by electrophysiologists in treating cardiac arrhythmias. It offers three unique features: advanced catheter location (ACL) technology, fast anatomical mapping (FAM), and a streamlined workflow feature set referred to as Connection of Choice.

ACL is a hybrid technology that allows for accurate catheter tip and curve visualization without spatial distortion. This helps the electrophysiologist to orient catheters with precision for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The system can visualize up to five catheters simultaneously with clear distinction of all electrodes.

FAM is a leading-edge technology that quickly and accurately creates high-resolution, CT-like maps as quickly as an EP can move his or her catheter throughout the cardiac chamber. FAM technology also permits detailed visual enhancement of a specific area of interest within the heart.

Connection of Choice is enabled by the new CARTO System hardware configuration featuring a central connection point for all catheters and equipment while preserving the signal quality of intracardiac electrograms. Catheter connections have been redesigned for plug-and-play functionality and automatic catheter recognition. All of these enhancements have been developed to streamline and simplify workflow in the EP lab.

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