CartoAlara Module Helps Lower Fluoroscopy Levels


February 19, 2013
BioSense Webster Carto 3 CartoAlara Boston AF Meeting EP Lab EP Mapping

The CartoAlara Module for Biosense Webster’s Carto 3 System seamlessly combines a fluoroscopy image and Carto 3 System maps into a single view and helps lower fluoroscopy levels to as low as reasonably achievable. Complementing the accuracy of the Carto System proprietary magnetic navigation technology, the CartoAlara Module is an open architecture technology designed to work with a variety of industry leading fluoroscopy systems allowing customers to convert many of their legacy systems with minimal effort.

Combined with the Carto System advanced catheter location (ACL) technology, fast anatomical mapping (FAM) capability and its Connection of Choice functionality, the CartoAlara Module adds a new dimension to the Carto System’s established electroanatomical mapping accuracy, reinforcing user trust and confidence.

The CartoAlara Module is commercially available in the United States and Europe starting in February 2013.

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