Biotronik Introduces New External Pacemaker

Reocor offers intuitive operation and longevity


May 15, 2012

Biotronik's Reocor external pacemaker is available in two models for dual- and single-chamber pacing therapy and offers individualized patient therapy, easy handling and flexibility.

The device offers an intuitive design to simplify use and has clearly marked dials display selectable parameter values. The new device also features an extended longevity that increases reliability and reduces costs over time. Extended battery service times of up to 600 hours for permanent pacing therapy (with the Reocor S model), supplemented with a backup power supply during battery replacement, ensures easy handling and longer continuous usage.

Reocor, which effectively delivers individual solutions for a broad range of patients, accommodates high pacing outputs and high pacing rates— a capability that is especially important when caring for pediatric patients.

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