Calipers Measure ECG Via Computer Screen


June 29, 2006

The Cardio Calipers provide a way to accurately measure electrocardiograms (ECG) on a computer screen. They allow measurement of any ECG, no matter what format the image is in.

Manipulating the application is accomplished by using a mouse, and a variety of keyboard controls allow for extra fine alignment. The calipers can be aligned to measure an entire ECG complex, QT interval, PR interval and QRS duration.

Rotation of 360 degrees is included, enabling the calipers to be aligned to any ECG image. They measure in millimeters, milliseconds and millivolts and can also display the heart rate in beats per minute. They can be calibrated to individual ECGs at the touch of a button, and by using the 'Paper Options' screen, nonstandard ECGs can be configured for measurement.

The Cardio Calipers have numerous keyboard controls. By pressing Ctrl, Shift and Alt while dragging with the mouse, the calipers will extend, rotate or snap to 90 degrees. To aid measurement, the calipers’ mouse pointers will change, making alignment intuitive and simple.

The latest version of the calipers provides the ability to be controlled from any external application through its COM interface. Web pages, Word and Excel documents can interface with them, allowing easy data collection of measurements. Custom applications written in C , Visual Basic and Delphi can also interface with the application; demonstration applications and help files are available as part of the calipers’ SDK.