Cancion System Uses Continuous Aortic Flow Augmentation Technology


August 29, 2008

The Cancion System is a heart failure treatment that makes use of Orqis Medical’s continuous aortic flow augmentation (CAFA) technology to improve symptoms of heart failure and change the underlying course of the disease for patients hospitalized for decompensated heart failure who respond inadequately to medical therapy.

Currently indicated for use in decompensated heart failure patients, the Cancion System is a closed-loop system that utilizes a catheter-based percutaneous approach to gain bi-femoral peripheral vascular access using standard interventional technique. When activated, the Cancion System pump draws blood from the patient’s iliac artery into a small external pump and directs it through an outflow catheter positioned in the descending aorta where blood is re-introduced for continuous, non-pulsatile, aortic blood flow augmentation throughout the cardiac cycle. After treatment, the pump is turned off and catheters are removed, leaving no implant in the patient.

The device is currently used in European markets.