Cardiac Network Develops Central Monitoring System


September 28, 2011

The  Central Monitoring System (CMS) from Cardiac Network Inc. and joint venture partner Pacific Coast Innovations LLC has the capacity to receive and store enormous volumes of biometric data for as many as 500,000 patients. It is a state-of-the-art system located on Cardiac premises, with 24-hour security surveillance utilizing a proprietary security encryption code. In addition, a failsafe redundant backup system will be in place as a security measure to mirror the CMS at all times in an offsite location.

Biometric data from the company's new cardiac monitoring device will be continuously recorded and transmitted to the CMS. Once an abnormal event occurs, the monitoring device will transmit a notification in real time to the CMS; this will in turn result in immediate evaluation of the applicable biometric data by a trained professional. Based on their assessment, the trained professional will determine whether further consultations and/or communications with an in-house physician are needed.

In addition, the heart monitor patient's own physician will be notified automatically. They will have instant access to the data in real time relating to the patient's abnormal event from anywhere at any time simply by logging into Cardiac's CMS. With this critical information, the patient's physician may then take the appropriate actions.

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