CardiOp-B Provides 3D Reconstruction in Real Time


August 29, 2008

Paieon’s CardiOp-B system performs 3D reconstruction in real-time of coronary arteries from standard angiography images.

As a quantitative tool, CardiOp-B performs measurements based on the 3D vessel analysis, thereby overcoming confounding factors that may be present in 2D, such as foreshortening. CardiOp-B provides quantification of stenosis and vessel parameters such as diameter, length, eccentricity, angulation and tortuosity. Complex anatomies, such as bifurcations and tortuous lesions are displayed and analyzed. Accurate 3D visualization and quantitative data assist in determining optimal treatment strategy and selection of interventional devices.

CardiOp-B is the platform for additional products that will optimize percutaneous coronary interventions. Among these is CardiOp-Guidance that will enable accurate positioning of therapeutic devices, such as drug- eluting stents, based on the 3D reconstruction.