Catheter Available for Treatment of Severe Rapid Heartbeat


November 16, 2006

The NaviStar ThermoCool Catheter is available for the treatment of adults with specific rapid heartbeats who have already experienced failure with other treatments, such as device or other antiarrhythmic drug therapy. These specific rapid heartbeats are scientifically known as ventricular tachycardia (VT) that arise following a heart attack. The catheter is the first FDA-approved catheter to treat both mappable and unmappable VTs. The expanded indication provides cardiac electrophysiologists with a new treatment option for the estimated three million people in the U.S. who live with this heart rhythm condition.

The catheter, combined with the Carto XP Mapping System, facilitates identification of ablation sites during stable sinus rhythm, allowing treatment of these unmappable VTs as well as mappable VTs.

The automated ablation system incorporates the NaviStar ThermoCool Irrigated Tip Catheter and CoolFlow Pump from Biosense Webster Inc. with the Stockert 70 RF Generator. When working together with this integrated system, char and thrombus formation is reduced during ablation. The catheter is also available to treat atrial flutter.